Meet DaMaHub, the new system that allows to preserve data authenticity for future generations!


2 minute video

Data Management Hub from DaMaHub on Vimeo.

This is Paul. He’s one of 150,000 researchers in Germany. Paul works hard on his publicly funded research.

He collects terabytes of scientific data. He saves some data on his data on laptop, some data on in his USB drive, and some data in the Institutional repository of his university

Paul loves his research, but data management is time consuming and a distraction from his essential work.

He knows that without proper stewardship that data may be lost.

Now his funding agency tells Paul that he MUST have a Data Management Plan which insures that his scientific data is open, findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable for future generation.

But how???

Data Management Hub, using open licence cutting edge technologies such as blockchain and IPFS, will empower Paul to preserve his work securely and to communicate it to a wider audience when he is ready to do so.

With Data Management Hub, Paul synchronises data, comments on it, versions it, publishes data and archives it on the permanent web. All of Paul’s data and metadata is preserved for future generations.

Erica is the head of the funding agency that finances Paul’s research. Using Paul’s news Data Management Plan, Erica can see Paul’s great work, she can also see how others re-use Paul’s data to increase the impact of his research.

Paul can once again concentrate on his research, which he loves so much. He is sure that his research data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable to generations of future scientists, using Data Management Hub!

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