Where does the data come from? How do I know that data was not tempered with? Authenticity involves also, many other concepts such accreditation, certification, legalisation, verification, etc., all pillars of our projects.


“Private data has to be secured”. Privacy refers to the right to keep confidential private data with data exchanged daily on the Internet. Vulnerability to attacks on the Internet is a problem that affects all users and that we take very seriously Kubrik Engineering.


“Data that is here today should be here tomorrow”. Permanent ownership of the data so that it endures and is not lost with the passage of time and new versions is a vital part of our service to clients. So we avail of new technologies such as Blockchain in order to ensure continuity of information.


“A network of independent nodes makes the infrastructure resilient against failure and vulnerability to attacks”. With our technology, resilient networks are able to cope with an infinite number of failures, remaining fully functional.

Easy Setup

Self-organisation makes the infrastructure ease to set up.

Scale freely

“You need a bigger network? Just add nodes”. Scalability allows networks to adapt and grow without losing quality.