Hi there!
Here a small and clear introduction about what data actually is!

Have you ever wondered why in this times people, companies, governments and so on, spend more and more money lately to build a good information structure and data processing to ensure a better use of information? The world we live in today is controlled by people and / or companies who have the right information. It is also said that “information means power”. But the story does not end here: to have information is only the first step. To analyse, manage, and use this information so that you can make the greatest possible profit from them, decides between winners and losers in this game.

So, what is data? We could define this word as a collection of observations to help us to answer questions. There are different types of data. There is for example data in computer science and programming, statistical data, biological data, geographical data, cultural and financial data, statistic data, meteorological and sales data, etc.

As you can see, all this data is cataloged into groups and in every group all this pieces of data are individual pieces of information. In other words, if you take each dat separately, it may happen that it looses any sense of logical information or use, but, if we start by putting it together using a reasonable approach or theories we will see the information contained inside.

With all that we see that we get information when we first collect data, then we do data processing and analysis . Of course you have to think as well that once you have this information you will need to present it. Luckily, in the last years, lots of tools for data visualisation have been made available to the public, and depending which are our intentions there are a lot of possibilities to present our information.

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