Have you ever asked yourself what a data infrastructure really is? And what it has to do with you? Find the answer in this 4 minute video!

Do you love information?.... So do we. Here at Kubrik we have a passion for design and development of secure and reliable distributed data infrastructures which are driven by trusted and tested open-source technologies.

But.... have you ever asked yourself what a data infrastructure actually is? And what it has to do with you?

A data infrastructure is a collection of data assets, the bodies that maintain them and guides that explain how to use the collected data.

Now this subject is perfectly clear, right....?

Or maybe not...

then let me try this other explanation...but first I would like to introduce you to my good friend Paul. He is a really special guy like you or me, and, of course, for us and for more than 3 billion people around the world, data and the Internet has became a really very important part of life.

Paul knows that every day our data is growing more and more and he knows as well that it relates a lot to our environment and our basic life.

How can that be?

Because data allows to make better decisions and promote innovation.

When data is open, and people like Paul, you and me can have access to it, we can learn about global warming, energy usage or geo-information. The more we learn about the weather in our cities, the better our understanding whether we should take an umbrella with us today because is going to rain.

Or think about transport, how to get from point A to point B by car, bus, bike or walking. If you are cycling: what are the best ways to drive?, or if you are walking, what are the nice areas to have a walk?

In education, data allows us to answer different kinds of questions like: which schools are in our area?, what kind of schools are there?, where should I send my child to?

If you go out, which are the best bars?, what movie should we go and see?, where can we go out for dinner?, or dance to the latest beats?

If you get ill, you will want to know about the closest hospital and clinics. Where are they?, what is their speciality?, which would be the best option to go and get a treatment?

Or think about security: where are the most dangerous or safe places in your city?, what could be the reasons?, what can the government do, the citizens, to improve it?

Our political decisions depend on available data, and better data infrastructures help politicians to get to the right decisions and citizens to understand it!

Or finance. Where should we invest our money?

So, with all this, we see that Data allows us to have a bigger panorama to make better decision based on the reality and to improve services by extracting all important information in a transparent process.

So now what is a data infrastructure?

It is the glue that holds everything together, allows collecting the information, putting all together, processing and presenting it with the aim that you can see it all and understand it.

Just like roads, which help Paul, you and me, to get from one place to another, a data infrastructure helps data to get to places.